Friday, January 27, 2012

Outdoor Nature Sculpture

 My first attempt at a major in college was Fine Art and Sculpture. I grew up with an artist mother, so most of my life I was surrounded by art work, paint smells, brushes and interesting creative people.It was second nature to be involved with some kind of creative process whether it involved paint, paper,wood or plastic there was always "stuff" around to use in any manner that my imagination would allow.
When I became a teacher, it was even more natural for me to share this with the children I taught. I observed young children to be uninhibited in their use of paint and color. If given the "right" or real art supplies and then shown the proper technique- the sky was the limit! In our changing culture art programs are no longer considered necessary and are often cut first from the budgets. What a sad day for children who need this outlet not only for the academic and social skills they develop through hands-on process but for the free expression the act of creating offers.
For the most part, I think a walk in the neighborhood is still free and hopefully safe. Collecting is innate in young children and because they are closest to the ground they can spot the tiniest seed or most unusually shaped rock a mile away! So grab a basket and start collecting.With your finds make nature sculptures, collages, do printmaking with the leaves you collect and make "free" expression apart of your child's life.
It can change your life too.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cloud Dough Exploration

 I just love the sound of dough. Makes me want to jump right in.Can you imagine how much fun this would be? Sensory exploration is so important for young children and in this sterile world we live in I don't believe they get enough of it. This exercise is great especially for those children who need to develop their fine motor muscles and grip, it is not as stiff as normal dough. So put the drop cloth down and get the large plastic tub out and have a blast! Thanks Tinkerlab for sharing!

Cloud Dough Exploration | TinkerLab

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lulu the Baker: Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

You know I have been going crazy for soup lately even though the weather has been absolutely beautiful here. This one sounds really tasty and satisfying and I'm sure there are ways to make it with a little less fat....reduced fat cheese?? Anyway this is dinner for me tonight. Enjoy!
I like this website too.

Lulu the Baker: Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Serendipitous!

 Happy New Year!

 I am not usually a list maker so the resolutions usually come to me in a hap hazard kind of way. You know whatever hits me at the here's one; I resolve to recommend more cool stuff on my blog. Easy!

  While window shopping in one of my favorite places, Etsy, I came across this sweet little shop with wonderful things. Of course you know the name says it all!!! If you enjoy a good sale there is one going on right now so stop by and have fun! Let there be more whimsy in 2012!

I couldn't resist these little cuties!!!