Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Importance of Being

Today is the anniversary of my Dad's death. Although a day does not go by that I don't think about him, talk to him or remember something he taught me, I want to honor him on this day.
I usually associate my Dad with horses. After all he loved them and spent a great deal of his life watching them and following them in the races . He certainly was responsible for my own adoration for the creatures but there were so many other dad things that need mentioning, it's hard to pick just one.
For instance, the beach. As a very young child we lived near Jone Beach in Long Island and every Sunday when the weather was warm my Dad would pack us into the car at sunrise with a hibachi grill and eggs and off we would go for breakfast on the beach!! It's a vague memory but still one that evokes good feelings. Years after we would spend many weekends or vacations at the Jersey beach combing the sand for shells or learning how to maneuver the large waves.My Dad's love of the outdoors became mine and I didn't realize how lucky I was until much later in life. Road trips, reading maps, hiking in the mountains of West Virginia to find a "safe" camping site, houseboat trips on the Mississippi, long ferry boat rides on Lake Michigan, and taking the road less traveled......all my Dads influence and now a part of me.
Funny how life goes.....I think, no I am sure my Dad's influence continues to guide me!
 NJ Beach at sunset

 The great Mississippi River

Rhythm of the Home


  1. God Bless Ken! He is in our hearts!
    Jeanne xoxoxo

  2. I think you are very lucky to have so many wonderful memories of your childhood and your dad.