Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Ongoing Adventure of Creating Wonder

 I found this little treat in my inbox this of my favorite blogs, The Wonder Years. I had a mini flashback to my Waldorf/Montessori times when I incorporated many of the beautiful handicrafts that Waldorf uses into my classroom. We were on a major fairy roll so to speak and this particular group of students I had that year really went with it. There is something so appealing about using natural fibers and whimsical miniatures to create an imaginative wonderland. Most of these things can be found on a walk in your own backyard! ENJOY!


  1. That is an amazing playscape. I love that so many wonderful objects can be found on a nature walk ... definitely an appealing addition to any home or preschool. I'm your newest follower! :) Deb @

    1. Thanks Deb for your comments and your follow! I so appreciate your support!Please share the love!!!:)