Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Wonder of Fairies

I often referred to fairies when I was a teacher. I believed that the magic or mystery of the idea was not foreign to young children and in fact added much needed imagination to the everyday classroom experience. The fairies were responsible for quite a bit in my classroom, from changing the materials on the shelf to watching over how children were behaving with each other! I loved over-hearing them speak about the fairies, very matter of fact and without judgement.
I received a great deal of flack from other teachers and directors over the years as to the viability of my use of whimsy and fairy existence in a Montessori classroom. After all Maria Montessori was very opposed to the use of fantasy play and believed that children should be grounded in reality. I wonder what she would think today, with children over loaded with activities and tutors, sports and organized play, gadgets and TV. I know from my many years with children that the impact of all of those influences has been astronomical. So in some small way I wanted to recapture that wonder. What better way then with fairies?


  1. You know that I totally agree with you. Children today are bombarded with so much technology, and days filled with very directed activities, that there is little time for them to just play and use their imaginations. Having been a part of the classroom with you,I have to say the fairies(and you, of course) created a wonderful and magical place for children to grow and learn.

  2. I only wish Adam could have had you for a teacher when he was little.