Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Imagination Tree: Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

 One of my favorite things to make with children at this time of year is salt dough ornaments. There is something so magical about this simple recipe and activity. The children love getting their hands in the dough and rolling it but the finished product always seems to astonish them. Another fun project to make is snowmen. If you add a little extra fine white glitter to the dough you will get a wonderful sparkle to your creations. Use cloves for buttons and eyes, pine or rosemary sprigs for arms, cut orange peel for mouth and nose and felt or roving for a scarf and you have yourself one hip snowman! A good tip when making snowmen, make sure your dough is not too wet or they will sag and melt! To connect the balls, use cut pieces of straw in between to secure them!  I am so doing this today!!
 I am not too fond of wiggley eyes but the overall effect is cute.
I just love the pom pom ear muffs!!!! Acrylic paint was used for face and buttons (another option)

If you need a step by step demo and video on how to make these cuties go to: Make-a-3D-Snowman-Decoration-(Salt-Dough) 

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