Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Honey I Think There is a Moose in our Backyard!

Welcome to New Hampshire! I am taking a small break from blogging to sit still and enjoy my surroundings. We made it to Center Sandwich a week ago just in time to make it to two parties and the town fireworks display. Between unpacking the RV, organizing and trying to undo the winter mouse mess we are pretty wiped out. The second night we were here I heard quite a racket going on in the backyard. Imagine my reaction when I saw a huge mama moose and baby munching on the trees in our backyard I have never seen the likes of a real live moose up close and personal so I was downright giddy. Apparently we have a moose path through our woods so it may be a regular occurrence. The very next morning around 5am we spotted a Great Horned Owl flying out of our tree! If that wasn't enough I had the pleasure of watching a loon dive for dinner while swimming at the lake yesterday. Needless to say I am loving the New England wilderness and the fact that we will be staying in one spot for a few months. What a treat!
More from the road travels soon...


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  1. I can hear your voice as I read your blog. Hysterical!!!
    Jeanne xoxoxo