Friday, July 1, 2011

People in Wyoming are Rugged

When last I left you in my journey across the country I was having heat stroke in Raton, New Mexico and thinking I was Cybil Sheppard. Thankfully with the help of higher octane gas and some kind of "witches brew" to add to the gas our Dharma was up and ready to run the next morning so off we went. It was a hot and brutal trip through Colorado with a big traffic slow down outside of Denver but our designated destination for the day was Douglas, Wyoming and another KOA campsite. We made it in good time and were happy to see there was a swimming pool and delivery service from the pizza place. The first very friendly and chatty people we met outside of the office were Gene and Pat.Apparently they knew everyone there and had gotten almost all the scoops on our neighbors and where they were from and where they were going. Right away I was struck by the energy these two had.Probably my age or a little older, they had met and married 14 years ago. It was their second marriage, they both had kids and grand kids and they both worked in the medical field, Pat as a nurse and Gene in administration. Now here is the funny part. They both talked at the same time and kind of in and out of each other's conversation......I was dizzy. Essentially the story was that Pat lived in Colorado and worked in a hospital with Gene's mom(small world).As it happened both Pat and Gene's mom were invited to a co-workers wedding and eventually got on the subject of Pat's love life. The mom, being a good mom said I have a guy for you!(her son). So Gene was living in Texas, Pat in Colorado and both had no interest in moving. Somehow they got together and it was love at first sight. Gene quit his job and asked Pat to marry him,she quit her job and they bought a RV. Pat said "life is sort and I want to have fun" and off they went following temp jobs where they could find them and basically doing what they wanted. They invited us in to see their home which was a fifth wheel.In RV talk it is a trailer that is pulled by a large truck. You would not believe this place. Huge is an understatement. Two pop outs that move on battery operated floors. A king size bed,big kitchen and washer and dryer. They were very proud of their home and showed us every nook and cranny. By the time we left we were both afraid to go back to our lowly Dharma.It was a real RV education that left us a bit dazed. I suppose we had been blissfully ignorant up until that point and now we can't go back. We took down a few notes on RV malls to shop in on our way to NH but honestly I think I'd rather be in denial and live in blissful vintage world with no added extras. It suits me just fine.
I was happy to meet Gene and Pat. They told us whatever we do to be happy and enjoy the journey. Works for me!

 Follow the link below to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Douglas, Wyoming and more including that it is considered to be one of the top 100 towns to live in in the USA!

 City of Douglas 

Next stop Mt. Rushmore and a different last stand for Custer!


  1. All I can say is "OY VE?Y!!!"
    Love and hugs, x0x0x

  2. You are doing IT. Great!
    Thanks for the bumper stickers
    from the wild place.
    Love to both. Naomi

  3. Is that a picture of their RV? What are two pop outs that move with battery operated floors? They sound like a fun couple. Glad you got to meet them.