Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Feel Like I'm Living in a Peter Bagdonovich Movie

Before I explain the title of this blog, I want to explain my blogging efforts lately. A good friend of mine accused me of being lazy, at least as it pertains to my recent contributions to Serendipity West! I must tell you that this is the same friend who got me into this blog world and then the same friend who said I write too much!
WHAT DOES SHE WANT FROM ME! Really, the way I see it, I just put what suits my fancy at the time out there and hope someone is actually reading it and maybe finding it fanciful too! So, I am on the road right now, doing the RV thing, so I like to live what I'm doing and then write about it later.........hope that's o.k. with you!
Back to Peter Bagdonovich. Remember the movie "The Last Picture Show"? It was a film made in 1971 starring Cybil Sheppard and Jeff Bridges, just to name a few. It takes place in some one horse town out in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Great movie , one of my favs. Anyway here I was in Raton, New Mexico walking to the nearest place to eat from our campsite, Kaybob's Steakhouse, in 100 degree weather. There was dust and dirt everywhere and pick-up trucks and country music and the waitress called me honey. Now don't get me wrong. As strange as I felt, I still thought it all so wonderful. Here we were.....stuck more or less because our RV Dharma was having heat problems and there was this feeling of time standing still. I was Cybil and David was Jeff Bridges and we were eating steak at Kaybobs! HAH! So I have a really good imagination....must have been heat stroke.

Our next adventure takes us all the way to Douglas, Wyoming on our way to MT. Rushmore. where we meet Gene and Pat and learn a wonderful life lesson about living in RV's. Next time......


  1. Well, I for one always enjoy your writing and I don't think it is ever too much or too long. When I read what you write, I can almost hear you telling me the story. As for the other entries in your blog, recipes and whatever, I find them interesting and enjoyable. But I'd take a good story anyday.

  2. I agree with Maureen. I can hear you saying the words as I read them. It's all so YOU! Your wit and humor are refreshing as are the pics and recipes.
    Happy travels.

    Jeanne x0x0x0