Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For the Love of Birds

I feel abundantly grateful for the experiences I have had while living in the southern California desert these past months. The one thing I look forward to the most and the one thing I will miss the most when I leave is the morning ritual. I have become an early riser since moving here. I don't know why that happened all I can tell you is that I am up and awake by 6:00 am most mornings. Sometimes earlier and sometimes later but what is certain is the chorus of birds that sing me awake.The songs are varied and unique, the clucking of Quails, the cooing of Doves and the tweeting of Finches, Chickadees and Wrens all come together to make the happiest sounds on this good earth. I have spoiled my little feather friends. Because I love to have them nearby I feed them every morning, let's just say a very hearty breakfast, and in return they love me and hang around to let me know how much they appreciate me. I never tire of watching them. I get so excited when I see them building nests near by or bringing their young ones  to parade in front of me.I have observed many birds for the first time, Orioles and Grosbeaks in stunning vibrant colors that blend so well with the gorgeous flowering cactus, another new experience for me.Birds represent freedom, joy and happiness, all qualities I am blessed to say I have had while staying here in this lovely place, my new sometime home.

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  1. Is the picture of the baby quails from your yard? They are so cute out for a stroll with mom and dad. All your feathered friends will certainly miss you too!