Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

What is it about birthdays that turn a mature, sensible woman into an emotional mess of a little girl? I don't know and I'm not going to try to figure it out anymore. I know that growing up birthdays were a big deal thanks to my mom who loved to party.This was her time to shine and she would go all out with pink, pink, pink stuff everywhere. The table would be set in formal fashion with linen and flowers, place cards and china. The girlfriends would all arrive with fancy crinoline dresses in a variety of pastel shades and the more presents the merrier.We would eat pink cake with strawberries, pink ice cream and drink pink punch. We would of course play the usual birthday games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Simon Says and maybe end with a bubble blowing session in the backyard giggling our fool heads off. By the time I finished opening all my presents and licking the last of the icing off my cake, I would collapse into complete exhaustion dreaming party dreams and wondering what it would be like next year!
Once you reach a certain age, it seems that the consensus is that turning another year older, for lack of a better word, sucks. That nobody wants to be reminded that they are aging, gracefully or not. So somewhere along the line making a fuss about your birthday is just not socially accepted. Well I'm here to tell you that I don't buy into that thinking. I refuse to bitch and moan about my age on my birthday. I am well aware of just   how old I am in fact my body reminds me everyday with age spots and achy bones and sore muscles and sagging whatevers. So that's something one gets to look forward to on a day to day basis. BUT NOT ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. I am celebrating today, I am happy to be alive, I mean think of the alternative.....I'm not ready for that yet! So there may not be a formally set dinner table filled with pastel crinoline dressed girls or even a pink birthday cake with roses piped on it but there is a list a mile long of gifts I have in this life of many years and those my friends can not be bought at any mall.So.....

Yes, this is how I choose to view myself today.........SUPER E.

"Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened."  ~Jennifer Yane



  1. Happy Birthday Super E!
    The love and mockery we send your way definitely could not be bought at a mall!


  2. But of course you are Super E!!! (you always have been) Happy Birthday, boy I wish we were friends when we were little. I would have loved to be at your party. I love the pictures, some made me laugh out loud. You always make me smile. Celebrate your day!

  3. May all your birthdays be pink in spirit! Here's to you, Super E., show 'em how to celebrate! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday my Friend! You taught me what the gift of friendship is !
    I will never stop wearing pink crinoline , even if is when I am home alone!

    Love You

  5. thanks GF's.....needless to say the celebration lacked the girlpower factor. Men are so clueless. Anyway,new smart phone for a dopey girl....I'll let you know if it makes me smart!

  6. Happy Happy Bday....even if it is one day late!!! No less heartfelt..... Ah, the days of birthday bashes....remember them??? Great food, great friends....,always.
    Love ya, x0x0xJeanne

  7. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! If you are missing all of the girly pink stuff, you can always go to the local library and checkout "Pinkalicious."
    There is enough pink stuff in that story to make you woozy! Enjoy your day and enjoy your new year! 000 and XXX denise

  8. well it's back to the regular goes on.....thanks for all your well wishes.