Friday, March 4, 2011

Signs of Change

I couldn't believe I found this in my inbox this am after writing my little blog. The signs are everywhere. Thank you Exchange Everyday

Open Yourself to Change
March 3, 2011

Every fool is different.
-German Proverb
Most of us resist making changes, taking risks. However, in Imagineering (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980), Michael LeBoeuf encourages one to "open your mind to new alternatives." He argues...

"New ideas rarely come from thinking and doing the same old things. Make a conscious effort to introduce change into your life. I'm not suggesting radical, wholesale changes, although sometimes that can be very beneficial. Take stock of everything in your life and question its existence. Ask yourself, 'Am I doing this because it's enjoyable and stimulating or because it's safe?' Make an effort to meet people with varying viewpoints and hear them out. Take up a totally new hobby or pastime. Try visiting or living in another city or country. Replacing the familiar with the unfamiliar is a worthwhile investment in your own growth. In addition to becoming more creative, you'll develop the inner s ecurity and self-confidence that can only come from successfully meeting new ideas, people, and situations. Don't allow the security blanket of the familiar to smother your success." 

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