Sunday, March 27, 2011

On the Rocks With a Twist of Lemon

For some reason today I have been exceptionally thirsty. I haven't been able to find the right mixture of water or juice or seltzer to quench it either. So I decided I would squeeze some fresh juice from pink navel oranges I got at the Farmer's Market and add a touch of cranberry juice, some lime juice and seltzer with some sliced strawberries and a hit of ginger ale. WOW, that did the trick
.It's amazing how the little things in life can brighten your day.Take for instance the heart shaped rocks I have been finding out here in the desert. Everywhere I look . You know I'm thinking it's a sign but come on, let's face it if there's one thing there is a lot of out here is rocks!! So my newest obsession is finding and painting heart shaped rocks. I'm just trying to get with the creative/desert/solitude/nature thing I'm in right know what I mean? Don't ask me how drinks and rocks go together but my little quirky head put them there so enjoy the pix and cheers!

I just thought of a great name for a little eatery that I'd love to open out here ...."Heart Rock Cafe" what do you think????


  1. I love your free associating mind- just like all the other young at heart!
    I love the cafe name... though now I think you should do a writing website for young authors, there used to be one that just retired (only one left out there for the very young). I am sure as soon as you got the name in your head, the website will take off.

  2. Heart Rock I come!
    xoxoxo Jeanne