Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Say Thank You

I am from the era that the minute you got a gift you wrote a thank you note.I still remember my mother sitting me down with a stack of flowered stationary helping me with my spelling and making sure my handwriting was legible. It's no surprise that to this day I have a serious addiction to pretty papers and anything that the stationary department has to offer.  In those days you didn't question why too much. You pretty much understood that if your mother said to do it there was a good reason. In other words, listen to your mother! I did however begin to realize that when I was the receiver of a note of appreciation, it gave me a really good feeling.
Fast forward to now. The age of email, twitter, facebook and voicemail. The instant connect communication. I understand the need for it and the use for it and the dependency upon it. Unfortunately, while this way of communicating has made things fast and convenient, much has been lost. For one thing, the disconnect. The idea behind giving is to to want to bring happiness to another. The idea of receiving is to feel the gratitude and thoughtfulness that was freely given. It is amazing to me how difficult this can be for some people. The transaction if you will can not be complete if the one receiving is not able to be grateful. By saying thank you, by accepting the gift, whatever it is, with a grateful heart, you make the connection. The giver can then feel that the act is complete. Of course as the one giving you understand that there is no expectation. You give freely and with no agenda. However, I believe that the art of receiving and accepting the gift is far more important in the transmission. By opening you heart and taking it in you become filled with gratitude and are happy to accept.The cycle is complete. In turn you become more aware of what you have versus what you don't. It is a transforming experience and one that has many ramifications for a happy and fulfilling life. I bet you didn't realize how important those thank you notes are,did you?
For more inspiration please read: 365 Days of Thank You's: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life.By John Kralik. You will thank me.

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  1. Thank you for all that you do. I am truly grateful that you are my friend. We don't tell the people we care about often enough that they are appreciated and loved.