Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Think I'm Awake Now

Changing your life takes a little bit of blind faith, well actually a great deal of it. Going from a place you know so well and have lived for a very long time to a place you hardly know that is all the way across the country is to say the least transforming. In every sense of the word. I have put so much effort into the mechanics of changing that now that the dust has settled and I awake each morning to this new life in this unfamiliar place I feel reborn. Not in the religious sense, although there certainly are spiritual components, but more in the sense of discovery. I can't rely on the familiar anymore or the routines and schedules I once kept for so many years. I have only myself and a clean slate if you will. Most days I accept this challenge with vigor other days I want to beam myself up to where I use to be. One thing is for certain, I am awake.I see everything like I have never seen it before. Each person I meet is reinventing me right before my eyes.The birds I feed in the morning are all new, the smells I smell, the scenery, the air I breathe and the amazing vistas I see on my walks and travels all apart of this awakening.Time has slowed down to a very comforting pace.If I feel stress I don't know it because I am so not where I use to be that I don't even fall back on behavior that is familiar.IF that makes sense.  I am grateful for this experience. I know it will change again and evolve into a familiar pattern. I will welcome that too. In the meantime I am going to enjoy the view.

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